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Our Service

iACT Service – YWP delivers mental health support to youth aged 12 – 18 who are experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues. By applying acceptance and commitment therapy, our wellbeing practitioners (youth) utilise their skills and techniques learnt in the training to provide manualised intervention. Through the sessions, youth will be able to learn more skills to cope with life challenges, including academic stress, procrastination, depression or anxiety.

Am I suitable for this?

This service is available for youth aged 12 – 18 who wish to improve their own mental health,
and are facing obstacles, including:

Low mood (e.g. mild to moderate depression)
Stress (eg. academic related)
Anxiety (e.g. generalised anxiety, mild social anxiety)
Low self-esteem
Facing concentration issues in academic
And more…

*If you are currently experiencing mental health difficulties, struggling with your emotions, and not currently (or previously) diagnosed with a severe or complex mental health condition or receiving any other form of mental health support, you may be eligible to see a PWP. 

Service Timeline

Youths can self-refer, or be referred by a parent, a teacher or host organisation.

In-take assessments will be taken by our wellbeing practitioners (youth).

If eligible, you will receive a call from us .

Afterwards, you will receive 7 sessions and 1 follow-up session.

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