YWP Online Service Details

Online YWP services are available for youth aged 18-24 who want to improve their mental health*, and are facing challenges such as…

Anxiety (e.g. generalised anxiety, mild social anxiety, mild health anxiety, symptoms of Panic Disorder)
Low mood (e.g. mild to moderate depression)
Stress (from academic pressure, bullying, etc.)
Low self-esteem
Highly-critical/over-perfectionist traits
Facing procrastination/ concentration issues
… and more.

*If you are currently experiencing mental health difficulties, struggles with your emotions, and not currently (or previously) diagnosed with a severe or complex mental health condition or receiving any other form of mental health support, you may be eligible to see a YWP. 

How the YWP sessions work

There will be a total of 8 sessions, and each session will be 1 hour long.
You and your YWP will plan ahead to schedule all of your sessions at the start.
During each session, your YWP will guide you through a section of your workbook, with set content to cover each week.
Your YWP will use their training to help them to fit the treatment to the specific problem(s) that you are experiencing.
The sessions will involve some discussion, presenting some new ideas and some practice of new skills.
At the end of each session, your YWP will help you to plan some “At-home Practice”, which aims to help you work towards your goals.

Benefits of joining the programme

Free – No service charge for this cohort.
Available in English and Cantonese.
Receive support online from a trained wellbeing practitioner.
Receive support from the comfort of your own home without having to travel to and from sessions.
Learn new skills to better handle challenges in life and to build resilience.
Receive guidance from YWP to set and work towards your personal goals.
Help you to be one step ahead of any future challenges and be prepared for them.

Service process


You can sign up to join the programme by completing the application form via the “Meet a YWP” portal.


You will receive an email from our Triage Practitioner to undergo a triage assessment in 2 weeks.


If you are eligible for joining the programme, the Triage Practitioner will arrange for you to complete the informed consent and baseline measures.


You will be paired with a YWP and meet with them online on a weekly basis for 7 sessions. The 8th session will take place 6 weeks after the 7th session.

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